The InterBase and Firebird Development Magazine #4 The InterBase and Firebird Development Magazine
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Main topics: Fyracle, TPC-C test results.

This issue is devoted to the cutting edge of Firebird technologies - Fyracle. You can read about Fyracle's story and its exciting features. The second main topic is TPC-C test results. There are some very interesting results, so don’t miss the article about it in the TestBed section of our magazine!

Our bonus material for this issue is the first part of “The Comprehensive Repairing Guide for InterBase and Firebird”. This part is “Corruption reasons, Part 1”. If you are keen to know where the pitfalls and traps for your database are, order the bonus version of “The InterBase and Firebird Developer Magazine”!


  • Money for nothing, by Alexsey Kovyazin
  • RTFM - regarding those free manuals, by Helen Borrie
  • About Dolphins and Birds, by Carlos Cantu
  • The story of Fyracleby Paul Ruizendaal
  • Development area, by Paul Ruizendaal, Common Table Expression in Fyracle
  • Products Overview, IBSurgeon Products
  • Morfik's WebOS: Innovating beyond LAMP, by Paul Ruizendaal
  • Global Temporary Tables in Fyracle, by Vlad Horsun
  • TPC-C based tests results, by Alexsey Kovyazin
  • Bonus article: The Comprehensive Repairing Guide for InterBase and Firebird. Corruption reasons, Part 1

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