Magic C++ .Net - The Visual Remote Unix/Linux IDE
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Platform:   Windows Server 2003, Unix / Linux, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP x32,

Server OS:
Client OS:
Version:   V4.0
Language:   English
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Bring the best of two worlds together!
No more clumsy vi or command line needed
Develop C/C++ applications on UNIX and LINUX servers with the familiarity and ease of use of Windows!!
Write your codes in Windows with our tool and remotely communicate to the Unix/Linux server in real time, supporting CVS and lots of other handy features.
The most user-friendly Unix/Linux IDE ever!
Working with UNIX and LINUX servers has never been easier...

Magic C++ is a fully integrated development environment(IDE) designed to meet the requirements of programmers developing on remote Linux/Unix servers using Windows client. By integrating support for FTP, TELNET and our custom Remote Development Protocol(RDP) based on client/server architecture, Magic C++ presents a seamless interface to opening and editing files, and working with compilers and debuggers. While a conventional development involves juggling a PC editor, file transfer utility and terminal window, Magic C++ gives programmers advantages that are immediately apparent. Through an integrated approach to editing, deploying existing remote server-based compilers and debuggers(i.e. gdb or dbx) to compile and debug on Windows PC client, Magic C++ makes it easy to develop software regardless of whether the file is locally on your PC or located on a remote server running any flavor of the Linux/Unix operating system. This allows programmers developing on Linux/Unix platforms to benefit from the many familiar time-saving features provided by Windows while enjoy the stability and performance of Unix based servers.

Key Features:
Familiar development environment
Advanced code editor
CodeAware(Navigate/Type info/Parameter tips/Auto complete/Auto list)
Remote text search and replace
Remote compile and debug
Projects manager
CVS support
Visual File Compare
Much more and more...