Logic Gui Professional
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Platform:   , Windows
Version:   5.x
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Form Editor / GUI Builder / Layout Editor for BlitzMax with MaxGui

You can arrange a complete window with all gadgets and Logic Gui will then create the source code for you. Thus its saves you a huge amount of time. Changing a position is now just as simple as moving the mouse. Try several forms for your application without re-doing all the properties. Reuse your work again for new projects. Saved forms can be inserted in new forms and serve as templates. Forms can be exported/imported for easy exchange.

Logic Gui has several tools which can assist you in positioning and sizing your items. Use Align, Design Range, Stretch, Trim, Automatic Distribute, Step&Repeat, Grouping, Locking, Measure, Swap, Grid, Distance Control, Layout Control, Unlimited Undo / Redo , Gadget Parking, Annotations, Guides... Or you use absolute and relative coordinates with automatic calculation relative to any of the items edges to move your gadgets to the right position.

A complete well sorted and aligned source code, consisting of gadget creation code, event queue and function calls. Logic Gui can create standard WaitEvent() loops or advanced independent types out of your forms. An easy GUI assists you in setting the properties for every gadget with a lot of options. The complete source is SuperStrict compatible. All used variables can be Local and will be transferred to the functions. The generated functions will produce full debug information when compiled in debug mode. The created source can be compiled directly, loaded into your editor, put to the clipboard or just saved to file. All forms are saved as XML. To be faster you can use the built in editor for all related events with syntax and full help and a split view onto your full code.

Logic Gui code will take care automatically when using tabber, splitter or ScrollPanels, menus and popupmenus, iconstrips...

An advanced layer system lets you create even complicated forms easily.

Additional you get the LogicXML and SmartButton module for free. The LogicXML module lets you create a multi language form or enables you to load all gagdet values like size, position and text from a xml file during runtime! The SmartButton module is a flexible system based on MaxGui panels to create your own image buttons with hotspot areas and certain actions. Both modules are integrated in Logic Gui and the source code can be generated without writing one line of code.

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