HoneyPoint Personal Edition
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Platform:   , Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
Version:   2.00
Language:   English
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Network and System Administrators, along with your Power Users, represent not only valuable members of your team, but in the eyes of attackers they also represent prime targets. Their workstations and notebook systems usually contain immense amounts of valuable data and may even hold “keys to the kingdom” like passwords, certificates and other confidential network details. HPPE empowers these technical users to change their systems from attacker target to security sensor. Using HoneyPoint technology, they can configure their systems to capture attackers targeting them and take immediate action to trace, analyze and mitigate the threats. Easy to use, ultra-configurable, and highly effective – HPPE is a Power User’s best friend. HPPE includes "defensive fuzzing", HornetPoints and the new plugin interface. Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X!