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Reminder and wallpaper manager for Windows XP. It will help you to manage your time, keep record of birthday and holidays, manage your walpapers and remind you of planned events in different ways. Basic features of this application are listed below: - OSD clock. Any font, any size, any color, any format. - Reminder for any time. A reminder could signal by displaying an OSD Message, displaying taskbar pop up window, playing sound, starting any application, or changing the desktop wallpaper. - Dates management. Birthdays, holidays, any important days. - Skins. You can easily change the interface if you don’t like the developers’ choice. - Changing the desktop wallpapers. Wallpapers can be changed in a specified time range, or when specific event has arranged (reminder or specific date). - Quick Paste. Preformatted strings that are often used by you, can be inserted into any text fields by a single key-pressing (signatures, dates, etc) - Plug-ins. Things that are not implemented in the original version can be added as plug-ins