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Upgrade from NRV 10 interFX to NRV10 interFX Pro
Unit Price:   USD 49.00 
Total:   USD 49.00
includes 0% sales tax/VAT to USD 49.00: USD 0.00
Delivery:   License key
Platform:   Windows XP, Mac OS X, Windows Vista
Language:   English
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The NRV10 interFX application adds possibility to use Mac or PC computer as a flexible external effect unit for NRV10

Upgrading to NRV10 interFX Pro, you get the following features:
  • MIDI support - Note and Control routing, layers, splits, multiple assignments
  • 6 custom plug-ins per chain
  • 14 Audiffex stomp boxes, 24 in next updates
  • Track Player - media playback with slow-down option
  • Independent simultaneous recording and playback (one control set for each of them)
  • ReWire Support
  • ReWire Connects to any stereo pair - allows to mix e.g. Live output to the signal recorded in interFX Pro

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