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The Nikon Capture Alternative

If you have just bought a Nikon DSLR and don't think you should have to pay another $100 for Nikon Capture read on... ToneUp S3 is the answer !

ToneUp S3 adjusting a single image
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ToneUp S3 is specifically designed to give the Nikon CoolPix, D1, D1H, D1X, D100, D40, D50, D70, D70s, D80, D200 and D2X photographer a professional alternative to Nikon's Capture software, offering NEF conversion, sophisticated image processing, custom curve creation and curve uploading.

ToneUp S3's interface is simple and intuitive, allowing you to quickly browse your images, tag your favorites and batch convert them at a press of a button.

ToneUp S3 Image Brower
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ToneUp S3's clever 'dual-purpose' allows you to load and preview custom 'tone curves' before uploading them to the camera and post-process images (including raw NEF files) ready for print or simply adding to your galleries.

Custom 'Tone Curves' are used to adjust the tonal balance of images that come out of the camera. They can be used to boost contrast, adjust dynamic range or simulate film characteristics. ToneUp S3 users can create new Custom Curves, or import Nikon Capture curves, and upload them directly into the camera's Custom Curve area.

Comparison of different curves applied to the same image
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ToneUp S3 includes a unique feature allowing the user to see which curve is currently loaded in the camera. The curve name is also written into the image, allowing easy identification during post processing. ToneUp S3 has access to the Online Curve Database, allowing you to easily share curves with other ToneUp S3 users.

Image processing with ToneUp S3 is quick and easy. With the ability to load raw NEF files, manipulate them and save them as Jpgs, Tiffs (8 and 16 bit) or Pngs you can now shoot raw with confidence. ToneUp S3 will also link with other applications, including Photoshop, allowing you to send images between applications.

ToneUp S3 has been developed using Nikon's Offical Software Developer Kit and produces near identical results to Nikon Capture when converting raw NEF images into Jpgs or Tiffs.(See comparison shots below)

Conversion Comparison

Converted using ToneUp S3

Converted using Nikon Capture 4

ToneUp S3 features :-

  • RAW image loading and batch conversion to JPG, TIFF and PNG
  • RAW image saving - completely non-destructive and without 'sidecar' files
  • Full EXIF support - may vary slightly with different cameras
  • Invaluable Image processing tools, including :-
  •     Brightness
  •     Contrast
  •     Exposure
  •     Color Balance
  •     White Balance
  •     Sharpness
  •     Saturation
  •     Channel Mixer
  •     Tone Curve
  •     Lost shadow/highlight identification
  •     RGB twizzling (ie, RGB -> BGR etc)
  • Extensive Tonal Curve features including create, embed and compare
  • Online Tonal Curve database allowing uploading and downloading
  • Easy Image Printing
  • Image resizing and rotation
  • Image transfering from camera to PC
  • Image 'Send to' allowing transfer between applications
  • Time Lapse Photography features
  • Powerful Image Browser tool to help quickly manage your images
  • Free upgrades!!!

  • Nikon DSLR extra features :-
  •     Custom Curve uploading to Nikon D50, D70, D70s, D200 and D2X Cameras
  •     Store Custom Curve name in Camera’s “User-Comment” area
  •     RAW conversion via Nikons SDK algorithms
  •     Embed/extract Custom Curves to/from NEFs

ToneUp S3 adjusting multiple images at the same time
Screen Shot3

ToneUp S3 is compatible with all Nikon CoolPix cameras and the D1, D1H, D1X, D40, D50, D70, D70s, D80, D200 and D2X DSLRs, and Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows 98. Please note that the tone curve uploading is not available on D1, D1H, D40, D80 and D1X cameras.

Product Comparison
Feature ToneUp S3 Nikon Capture 4 Curve Surgery Raw Magick Lite PhotoShop CS
Curve Uploading to camera X X - - -
Batch conversion of NEFs X X - X X
Raw NEF loading X X - X X
Embed curve into NEF X - X X -
Extract curve from NEF X X X X -
Image processing tools X X - X X
Time-Lapse photography X - - - -
Online curve database X - - - -
Store curve name in image EXIF data X - - - -
Full EXIF support X X - - X
Display currently loaded curve name in camera menus X - - - -
Transfer images from camera X - - - -

For further information please visit the ToneUpStudio website, or read the Manual or