Blueprint for Outlook Professional Edition
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Version:   4.0.0
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Protect Your Content: Ensure your company emails contain your company logo and sensitivity markings when printed. For extra protection, print with cover and trailer pages
Reduce Paper Usage: Only print the selection your interested in. Join multiple emails together into a single print job.
Custom Forms Layout: Customize the layout of your printed custom forms, and present your custom properties the way you want.
Multiple Item Prints:Combine a selection of items or the contents of a folder into a single print job. Create table styles or other customized styles.
Style Selection:Casual, Formal, or Contemporary style? Choose how you want to print out your item at print time, using the Blueprint Template Selection Dialog.
Print Attachments:Print the attachments of an email simply and quickly using the Blueprint Attachment Dialog.
Help & Support:Blueprint for Outlook delivers with a number of examples, and provides you with a step-by-step guide to creating your own templates.