SharePoint Rating Solution + Standard Support
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Platform:   .NET Windows, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP x32, Windows Server 2003 x64
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KWizCom SharePoint Rating Solution enables you to: 1. Rate your documents , once you installed, the KWizCom SharePoint Rating Solution (KSRS) you allows the can rating ofe your documents from by using a scale starting from one star and up to five stars. 2. View the documents’ rating average- the Rating solution enables you, after the first vote, to automatically view automatically after the first vote, the average rating average of each document. Furthermore, the rating average rating of a document will be precisely calculated precisely the rating average of the document – even if It includes fractions. 3. Comment the on a document and view the documents’ comments. The rating column solution enables you to comment the on a documents when you rate it: When you review the a comment, you can view when and by whom they comments were written. and who wrote them 4. Users can only rate or comment once - if the users do not have full control on the document library, they can only rate once. If they try again, they will gate have an error message displayed. 5. All users with “view” permission or more higher can rate - users only need “view” permission in order to rate a document and comment on it. documents. 6. Use the rating average in views –the rating is part of the document’s’ mMeta data, so that you can create views or filters according to rating average. 7. Rating can be used in search – you can use the rating average when you presenting search result or when using properties in advanced search.