SharePoint XML Site Map Builder + Standard Support
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SharePoint XML Site Map Builder Overview KWizCom SharePoint XML Site Map Builder creates a standard XML site map file for SharePoint-based Internet web sites. This XML Site Map file is used by all standard Internet search engines (such as Google) for the crawling of web sites. The KWizCom SharePoint XML Site Map Builder is a Windows application that connects with the SharePoint server and produces an XML Site Map file in the standard Site Map format version 0.9, to be used by Internet search engines while crawling and indexing Internet web sites (such as Google for example) . See more details about XML Map Site standard: After the XML site map index file is created for the requested SharePoint web application, it is copied onto the web application's root at the following location http:///sitemap_index.xml You can also run KWizCom SharePoint XML Site Map Builder using command prompt. Click the "Generate command prompt" and copy the command script to any batch file that can be run later by Windows scheduler for example. Key Features & Benefits Feature SharePoint XML Site Map Builder Create a standard XML Site Map version 0.9 Windows utility that enables producing the XML site Site Map file by demand Command prompt API enables producing the XML Site Map file by using batch files / windows scheduler.