Greenplum Native OLEDB Provider 32/64-bit, Server Edition
Unit Price:   USD 569.99 
Total:   USD 569.99
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USD 569.99
Version:   1.4
Language:   English
General requirements:   This is 64bit version compiled to work with native and managed applications on Windows 2003, XPsp2 and Vista.
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* Database conversion with DTS Wizard (MSSQL 2000) or SSIS Wizard (MSSQL 2005).
* Support for Linked Servers, OLAP, Aggregation Providers, etc.
* Transactions support.
* Schemas for tables, views, provider types, columns, indexes, procedures, etc.
* Support for Multiple results, Bookmarks, Grids, etc.
* Command prepare and column information on a prepared command.
* Additional utilities for converting indexes, etc.
* Unicode support for schema and data.

Windows install and samples included. To uninstall the provider you can just run the PGNP uninstall. Limitations of the trial version are removed.

For Trial Version, examples and documentation see our web site: