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U-Value Calculator Tomasz Kornicki Presents
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The U-Value Calculator is used for rapid calculation of U-Values for layered constructs.

Data of the layered structure can be saved into a layered construct file (<name>.LayeredConstruct).
Data can also be loaded from material layers file (<name>.MaterialLayers) or layered construct file (<name>.LayeredConstruct).

A layered construct contains a list of material layers surrounded by two surface (exterior and interior) boundaries.

For the two surface boundaries one can enter its surface heat transfer coefficient or transfer resistance. The Menu Edit→Surface transfer coeffs provides a choice of normative standard values. Both name fields of exterior and interior surfaces also provide same choices of standard normative values.

Material layers are input by the entry of their heat conductance and layer's thickness. Based on this values the program calculates heat resistance for each material layer.

The reciprocal value of the sum of resistances of all material layers and both surface transfers are displayed in the U-Value field.

Actually selected data line is marked by an arrow symbol at its left (data record mark). Multiple selection is also possible (e.g. for deletion of line which can be initiated with DEL key).

The complete layered construct can be placed onto the clipboard by the menu function Edit→Copy to be pasted later.

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