Radius Manager CS Radius Manager
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Radius Manager provides an easy-to-use administration system for Mikrotik Routers, Dialup systems and Wireless Acces Points. With a help of the centralized accounting system (which is provided by a RADIUS server) the user management for ISP's becomes a simple task.

Mikrotik Access Points or other NAS connect to the Radius server (links can be wireless or ethernet). The following tasks are automated with the help of this structure:

  • login authentication: authenticates users from the centralized database. Two types of authentication is provided: MAC and username/password.
  • traffic accounting: AP periodically sends the accounting information to Radius server which stores it in its database.
  • traffic limiting: when a predefined traffic limit is reached (which is configurable for every user), AP disconnects the user.
  • uptime and expiration date limitation: Mikrotik will automatically disconnect expired accounts on a specified date or after a specified uptime.
  • dialup support: with uptime limitation it is possible to use in a dialup systems.
  • tracking of payments: user's and system managers can track the payments and make reports.