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USD 24.99
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Platform:   Mac OS X
Version:   1.14
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Secure sms for your iPhone. Encoding. Encoding correspondence with hand-picked contact and hand-picked number! Message encripting with 256-bit AES which in current use of special services of entire world, decoding without a key will take a decades. More features: - Set main password on app loading! - Safe delete any one of your messages or entire list! (default client just hide a message, it still be in database. mySMS Secure erase and wipe deleted messages, it can`t be restored) - Fast load of programm and messages! - Work on in landscape view! - Forward any sms from you correspondence (in chat mode too)! - Feel free to send you contacts! - Easy contact list search! - Use our message templates or write you own! - Disable this dummy autocorrection! - Be special! Use you own skin! You think it`s all?! You are mistaken! See all features by yourself!