dtPlugins for IOS
Unit Price:   USD 98.83 
Total:   USD 98.83
includes 0% sales tax/VAT to USD 98.83: USD 0.00
Delivery:   License key
Version:   1.0
Language:   english
General requirements:   Xojo 2015r1 and newer, iOS 8+
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The dtPlugins extend with useful classes and controls your Xojo iOS application Controls: ListView with advanced features (reorder, delete support, custom cells, font and color specific for each row) ScrollView Stepper Picker DatePicker Collection MapView Wheel WebView TextField PageControl Classes: TouchID Altimeter Pedometer Clipboard Photos library Contacts database All gestures Printer Regular expression Styled Run Movie Player Spell checker Notification

dtPlugins for OSX
25 natives controls Cocoa for Xojo
Unit Price:   USD 61.30 
Total:   USD 61.30
includes 0% sales tax/VAT to USD 61.30: USD 0.00
Delivery:   License key
Version:   1.48
General requirements:   OSX (10.7+) XOJO
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