EA Install
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USD 99.00
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Platform:   Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, Windows XP x32, Windows Vista x32
Version:   1.10
Language:   English
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EA Install  is a program to create an installer for MetaTrader Expert Advisors. It has some features custom tailored for its specific function: auto-detecting and installing to multiple MetaTrader installations, strong encryption, serial number protection, anti-tamper mechanism, handle shortcuts and uninstaller.

Whether you are a forex professional wanting to distribute your own scripts for community, or a forex consultant firm wanting to distribute for clients; EA Install can give your Expert Advisors scripts a professional touch. It will be easy for user to install your scripts, and will be easy for you to distribute them and add additional security features.

There are two different version of EA Install: the Free Edition and the Professional Edition. The Free Edition is fully functional, never expires, and can be used in any project, be it personal or commercial. The Professional Edition has some additional features over the Free Edition.

Key Features

  • The generated installer is packed in one single file.
  • Uninstaller included, shown in Windows's Add/Remove Programs.
  • Can detect and install to one or more MetaTrader installations at once.
  • Can detect if a MetaTrader program is running.
  • Create program shortcuts in Start Menu (uninstall, readme, license info, what's new, website, contact email).
  • Built-in editor for Readme, License Info, What's New documents.
  • Support for Expert Advisors, Custom Indicators, and Scripts.
  • Secure encryption with industry standard 128 bits auto generated keys.
  • Anti tampering mechanism, protecting your content from being illegally cracked.
  • Support for MetaTrader 4 or later versions.
  • The generated installer runs on Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP and Windows Vista operatings systems.

Those features are available in the Free Edition of EA Install. If you need more advanced features, you can purchase a Professional Edition which has some additional features, including:

  • Custom banner picture.
  • Serial number protection, including a tool to generate random serial numbers based on your criteria.
  • Can override user's MetaTrader Expert Advisors settings such as Allow Live Trading, Allow DLL Linking, Allow Calling to Other Expert Advisors, etc.
  • No link to in the generated installer.