Super Network Tunnel Professional 1000 Concurrent Users
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Super network tunnel is a personal http tunnel software, include client and server program. Server program usually install at home computer, client program usually install at office computer. It like a secure VPN software, allow you to access your internet programs with not be monitored at work, school, or the government and gives you a extra layer of protection against hackers,  spyware , ID theft's with our encryption. Bypass any firewall also that gives you access and security of the web in one program. Surf, IM, P2P, Game, etc. 

Be different from other http tunnel software, super network tunnel is a two-way http tunnel software, office computer can access home computer's network and control home computer, and can run game/IM/P2P/Stock software via Home's network, also home computer can access office computer's network and remote control office's computer, and can continue your work in home.

To simplify your configuration work, super network tunnel integrates the functions of similar 'sockscap', you now only need to click the mouse, select the program and drag it to the tunnel list of programs, the work is completed.

By comparison with the subscription http tunnel server service , use super network tunnel you will get the higher safety, because your private transit data not need transfer with common http tunnel server, and in this way ,your speed is more than many times compare subscription server , because your server is designed for only your client services, do not need to share with others in this server.

Super network Tunnel  really equal SocksCap + Bidirectional Http Tunnel +Remote Control. It's the first realize two-way http tunnel software in the world.


Top Features 


  Native code, top speed and performance ,support compression and encryption
  Genuine two-way tunnel, can start connection by any party 
  Including like 'SocksCap' functions integration, configuration more simple
  Direct use system 'Remote Desktop' control other party tunnel network computer, no learning costs.
Can direct run, do not need to install drivers, a simple mouse drag-and-drop configuration to use it.
  Support NTLM http proxy, support Vista/WIN7.
Automatic dial-up support ,provide dynamic DNS client refresh function.
Support FTP PORT mode to send/receive data in tunnel.
"Tunnel" the entire system (force all network connections in the system work through a proxy server).
Resolve DNS names through a proxy server (fake mode)  and also support real remote DNS resolve (some game need run this mode).
Support tunnel use N-Protect GameGuard protect's game and use AhnLab HackShield protect's game.
Can share tunnel with other computer and remote file manager.