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Version:   2.0.
Language:   English
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ExpressMRP is a software for material requirements planning (MRP), forecasting and simulation of production in manufacturing companies. It tends to be simple, yet powerful tool for ad-hoc MRP calculation, planning and simulation, often needed in process industries. The program is especially suitable for dynamic manufacturing companies that produce many different products, handle variety of raw materials and often change production schedules and priorities. In such dynamic manufacturing companies it is of essential importance to be able to to forecast material shortages in time, in order to be able to timely procure missing materials and produce in time.

Main features of the ExpressMRP software are:

  • Powerfull interface for data improt from various external business systems and spreadsheets
  • Simple and fast ad-hoc, independent analysis of material availabilites and shortages for a single product
  • Flexible and powerful MRP calculation of individual and total material reqirements, availabilities and shortages for list of production orders
  • Result of MRP calculation is presented in information-rich datagrids in master/detail relationships. Data is presented in both products/components and components/products order. Both individual and summary information is shown.
  • Materials usage list
  • Procurement/purchasing list
  • Data validation
  • Production orders and procurement list consolidation
  • Automatic production orders exploding with dependent demands for semi-finished products and sub-parts, any level deep
  • Applying quantity constraints on production quantities and purchasing list (discrete/non-discrete, minimumm, maximum, standard multiple quantity)
  • Summary and detailed printable reports
  • Exporting to spreadsheets
  • Powerful interface for filtering datasets
  • Easy searching of specific data in a dataset
  • sorting of datasets by any column
  • customization of the user-interface, by section and data-grid splitters and saving session properties
  • Visual signaling of shortages
  • Multiplatform design (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, MAcOSX etc.)
  • Easy installation, non-dependent on any external libraries or database servers
  • Saving to and loading from persistent backups
  • Fast, mostly in-memory processing and calculation