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METEONORM - Climate- and Weather Generator
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Language:   English, German, Spanish, Italian, French
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The global meteorological climate database combined with a weather generator for engineers, architects, teachers, planners and anyone interested in solar energy and climatology. Also for schools and universities, for teachers, tutors, scholars and students.
A comprehensive meteorological reference, incorporating a catalogue of meteorological data and calculation procedures for solar applications and system design at any desired location in the world.

  • With 24 years of experience and with satisfied user base of more then 2'000
  • Tool for Solar Energy Applications, Building Design, Heating & Cooling, Renewable Energy System Design, Agriculture and Forestry, Environmental Research, Meteorological Reference, ...
  • Low price
  • Languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish (instructions in English)
Function, Implementation and Usage Areas:

  • Provides calculation of long term and current monthly mean values as well as hourly values of typical year
  • Calculation of radiation for inclined surfaces
  • Enhanced temperature and humidity generation for building simulation
  • Generates data for simulation of solar and thermal equipment
  • Maps of yearly means of global radiation can be produced for any region of the world between 60°S and 60°N.
  • above 30 different output formats as well as user-definable output format (export)
  • Results can be viewed immediately. Stored values are available to external applications

Special Features:

  • Effects of high horizon considered in radiation calculations.
  • Additional skyline profile can easily be entered either graphically (drag line) or numerically
  • High horizon calculated automatically for all mountain regions
  • calculates the horizon line with help of a digital terrain model (dtm)
  • Terrain elevation data is based on 90x90 m resolution digital terrain data of NASAs Space Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM).
  • automatically detects if there are no files in the local directory and tries to access the horizon line via internet
  • Datasets are continuously added for download
  • Terrain elevation data is stored in tiles with a size of 3x3° which overlap each other by 1°.
  • Global coverage


  • Global radiation interpolation based on high resolution satellite data
  • Maps of horizontal global radiation and temperature
  • Monthly mean values of global radiation for various regions of the world are based on ground data and sattelite imagery.
  • Interpolation models to calculate mean values for any site in the world.
  • Algorithms are continually kept up-to-date under intensive cooperation with experts
  • Only accepted and published models are used
  • Contains user friendly mapping module

The Data:

  • The database stores measured data (climatological data) of more than 8000 weather stations, more then 1500 with measured radiation [Gh]
  • Measured parameters: monthly means of global radiation, temperature, humidity, precipitation, days with precipitation, wind speed and direction, sunshine duration
  • Time periods 1961-90 and 1996-2005 for temperature, humidity, precipitation and wind speed selectable
  • Use of satellite data for areas with low density of weather stations
  • Import of user data
  • Import of current data by internet (import of current monthly values).