Check and repair DBF
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Check and repair DBF files

The Program Check and repair DBF is a professional tool that can be used for advanced diagnostics and restoration of the damaged DBF-files. Check and repair DBF can be used for cheking and reparation of files from the xBase programming languages family like DBASE, Clipper, Foxpro and other.

The basic features of the program are:

  • The detailed analysis and diagnostics of headings structure in DBF files as well as the file structures.
  • Advanced configuration options for diagnostics and restoration of data: by data type, by error types and by different possibilities of data correction.
  • Checking of data based on selected options.
  • Automatic restoration of damaged data based on selected options.
  • Possibility to transfer certain erroneous records to a separate file.

What's New in Version

  • Added the possibility to change the encoding of selected DBF field. New mode for code conversion of character fields, from any coding, in any, specified by the user.
  • Other minor alterations

What's New in Version

  • New mode of checking a group of DBF files
  • A new verification method for names and formats of DBF files fields is added
  • The checking and restoration of DBF files is now much faster
  • Added a possibility to manage the modification date of the DBF file
  • Added a possibility to change the type of DBF file
  • Added the possibility to transform a "simple" DBF file to a Visual FoxPro DBF file format
  • Other minor alterations

At restoration following options are available:

  • Initialization of empty fields of type Date
  • Formatting of logic fields
  • Formatting of numerical fields
  • Exclusion of the index usage indicator from the restored file.
  • Restoration of the DBF structure
  • Transformation of DBF Visual FoxPro to "simple" DBF
  • and more...

Check and repair DBF automatically generates a detailed error log which contains all fields with the highlighted error location and even a hexadecimal value of the field to see the non printable symbols.



After work the detailed report of work of the program stands out.
Adjustment for automatic preservation of the report of work is possible.
In delivery Demos examples DBF of files with characteristic damages, for simplification of check of working capacity of the program are included.
The demo the program version differs from the full version only that that in a check mode check only the first 50 records and restoration only the first 5 records is carried out and 2 files in the group. But for given Demos DBF of files there are no restrictions by quantity of records