5000 Styles für YAMAHA PSR-2000
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Version:   1.0.0
Language:   English, German, 1
File Size:   Full version: 32 MB
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More than 5000 Styles for the following Yamaha keyboards:
  • Yamaha PSR-2000
  • Yamaha PSR-1000
  • Yamaha PSR-1100
  • Yamaha PSR-4000
  • Yamaha PSR-4600
  • Yamaha PSR-5700
You get the download-link for 5000 professional Styles for your Instrument.
All styles included 2 Intros, 4 Mains, 4 Fills and 2 Endings.
The Styles are sorted in 100 categories, so that it is easy to find the Styles you need.
You will also find extraordinary Styles in these categories.

This are some categories:
8-Beat more than170 Styles
16-Beat more than 130 Styles
Ballad 100 Styles
Beat more than 80 Styles
Bigband more than 70 Styles
Blues more than 30 Styles
Bossa more than 50 Styles
ChaCha more than 30 Styles
Country more than 160 Styles
Dance more than 110 Styles
Disco more than 80 Styles
Foxtrot more than 40 Styles
Funk more than 70 Styles
Groove more than 50 Styles
Jazz more than 90 Styles
Latin 50 Styles
Marsch 50 Styles
Piano more than 80 Styles
Polka 60 Styles
Pop more than 180 Styles
R & B 50 Styles
Rock more than 150 Styles
Rock & Roll 50 Styles
Shuffle more than 70 Styles
Slow more than 140 Styles
Swing more than 90 Styles
Tango 30 Styles
Title-Styles more than 400 Styles
Walzer more than 150 Styles
World more than 80 Styles

The styles have been programmed in Yamaha SFF-format, so that they will run on other Yamaha models, too. But they are specialized for the keyboards ahead. OTS is not included.