homeVisu Standard Edition
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Platform:   JAVA, all OS
Version:   1.1.40
Language:   English, German, 1
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homeVisu smart home controller standard edition is a Java application that allows platform independent to control and visualize a wide range of devices and systems. homeVisu comes with the PLC BUS driver (device). The PLC-BUS device allows a PLC BUS installation on all user code areas to control, visualize, configure and analyze. homeVisu offers a ip camera component, which can show the JPG image or the MJPEG stream of a network camera. It is possible to record the images or the MJPEG stream as AVI.

Main features:
  • free shapeable user interface with visualisation and control components
  • unlimited number of panels (community edition max. 3 panels)
  • unlimited number of components
  • free positioning and sizing of components
  • user and configuration mode
  • password protected setup
  • buttons with command list (macro)
  • timers (date, weekly, periodically) for each button (community edition 1 timer per button)
  • more than one device supported. (PLCBUS interface 1141 or Conrad relay board are devices)
  • possibility to write own device drivers plug-in (Java)
  • possibility to write own components plug-in (Java)
  • export - import of panels and components
  • server for remote control over network
  • change Look And Feel - each Java LookAndFeel can used
  • use own images as backgrounds of panels and components
  • language files – possibility to translate into each language
  • tested on Windows XP, Vista und 7; Linux Ubuntu, Xubuntu
  • and many more

supported devices:
  • PLC-BUS interface PLCBUS-T 1141
  • Conrad RS232 8x Relay Board
  • ELV RS232-I/O-Board IO 88
  • ELV USB-I/O-Interface UIO 88
  • ELV LAN-I/O-Interface IPIO 88
  • ELV LAN-IP-Switch IPS 1
  • IP network cameras

Backup CD
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Extended Download
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