BankenScribe MICR Font (E13B) - Distribution License
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BankenScribe MICR Font for E13B is based on the ISO 1004 standard. It is used for printing the MICR Line located at the bottom of checks. The MICR Line may contain information such the account number, routing and transaction codes.

BankenScribe font meets the strict requirement of US and International standards required for automatic check processing. It is the ideal choice for MICR encoding and financial document printing.

The font package includes TrueType (ttf), OpenType (otf), and Postscript Fonts (pfa, pfb).

The Distribution License allows the use of BankenScribe MICR Font by everyone in your company. The Distribution license also allows everyone in your company to embed the MCR fonts into a PDF, Word document or other third party file. This license is also used by those who intend to integrate BankenScribe MICR Font into existing projects for automated check printing or MICR document processing.