For Ladies Only: Dedicated to the Color Pink
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For Ladies Only: Dedicated to the Color Pink is a moving and revealing small book in poetic verse about a major health problem, breast cancer, from a unique personal perspective of the birth, development, and growth of breasts. It is a healing, sometimes humorous journey from dawn to night, from birth to death in the shadow of cancer, a group of diseases that is often still uncontrollable cellular growth affecting different parts of the body, but in women most often the breasts. Adams personifies breasts as dear and intimate friends who are as essential as organs, as necessary as limbs, as nurturing as companions that accompany one through each of life's stages, rituals and processes. Her focus is on the affirmation of breasts, will, the unity of women in gender/health issues ending in a declaration of hope for a cure and an affirmation of the joys of life's intimate moments. An empowering, insightful book.