Online Assistant server
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Total:   USD 19.95
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Delivery:   License key
Language:   English, Russian
General requirements:   Special requirements: For a full workload with the server must have a phone with JAVA support and tuned GPRS. The computer must be connected to the Internet (preferably with a static IP, otherwise his knowledge at the present time the connection). Installing on a computer database server FireBird. For the safety of your computer install and configure the firewall.
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Program scheduled for the exchange of data between the PC and mobile phone. It consists of two modules - for PC and mobile phone that supports Java. The basis of exchange is an open port and connection port on the phone with support GPRS.

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As an alternative to replace WAP-pages for a phone with an edge in the rapidestablishment of the necessary data for viewing, without having to buy a hosting and support, the presence of only a computer connected to the Internet. Can be used as a guide, directory, instant text messaging, etc. In the development and connection of additional modules to the database, you can expand considerably more features, such as:

  • Section pre-orders
  • dispatching taxi
  • estate Agency
  • Etc.



- Unlimited demo version of the life (number of simultaneous client connections from 2 to10)
- Very quick creation and editing data tables
- Creation of the necessary number of tables of data exchange
- Editing rights and access to customer data tables
- Ability to create groups and group editing
- View the data from the table sharing in a hierarchical fashion
- Control of client connections to the server (from the computer and mobile phone)
- The use of the server FireBird
- Full use of message tables (registered version), with the possibility of the advertising company for users of the system
- Connection of additional modules of information processing (See more ).