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Do you like watching movie? Do you learn foreign languages?

Welcome to VideoTrainear!

What is VideoTrainear?

VideoTrainear formula is Video + Audio + Text = unique tool that enhances your listening comprehension, reading and spelling skills while watching favourite movies in any language you might want to learn. The idea is simple but very powerful: the software works like a word puzzle solving game where you a) listen to the phrase from the movie in a foreign language and b) try to complete the right sentence out of mixed words.

Why VideoTrainear?
  • Repetitive looping of each phrase: it will be repeated until you make it complete.
  • Possibility to choose any movie you like on any languages you want. The software needs only subtitles and the videofile containing audio track.
  • Gaming approach: click your mouse on the words to put them into correct place as you continually hear the phrase. When the passage is complete, the software goes to the next one while adding you gained skill points. Afterwards, you may publish your results on the internet and show them to your friends, or even FL teachers.
  • Several difficulty modes: for beginners, for intermediate users and for pros. You may also switch to mother-tongue subtitles to view the translation or just watch a movie in a standard browsing mode when you feel tired.
  • Excellent practical tool at foreign languages classes, particularly for audition, listening comprehension, spelling and pronunciation exercises or even for FL exams preparation.
  • Web dictionary support: just double-click your mouse on an unknown word and you'll be linked to an online dictionary page with translation. This is especially helpful for beginners.
Unique learning technique

VideoTrainear tool is based on the very effective technique called "Matrix Language Learning". The strongest matrix effect is reached by combination of three channels of perception - visual perception (facial expressions, lips moving, surrounding context), pronunciation (especially if the phrases are said by native speakers) and reading (foreign and mother tongue subtitles). The only method with similar effect might be immersion into language environment.

Constant repetition intensifies the effect: 1) words, phrases and their audial characteristics become imprinted into hearer's memory, and 2) stable memory associations are set for unfamiliar foreign words. Moreover, gaming principle and personal user preferences in selection of video material allows to maintain high interest in the process.

Rephrasing the popular proverb 'business before pleasure' VideoTrainear says: 'business with pleasure'.