MindLabyrinth - Linux ONLY
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Version:   1.2.0
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  • Linux ONLY

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MindLabyrinth is a game where you control an old mayan avatar and must solve puzzles to reach Patchamama's hidden temple.
The game is clearly a retro puzzling but it offers as a bonus a unique support for NeuroSky's MindWave headset - if you own it - to read your brain signals and interpret them.
Please understand that the game has also been designed to work without the MindWave Headset so that you actually get 2 games.

Download information
This version of the game will only work on Linux. If you want to be able to play everywhere, a multi-platform version of the game is also available.

Important : The game has been developed and tested on Ubuntu. However it should work on any other linux distribution as long as SDL work on the distribution. So the game comes in two flavors, both available for download once you buy the game :

  • as a universal tar.gz archive
  • as a .deb for debian/ubuntu systems