WIN&I PowerPoint Presenter for Kinect for Windows
Unit Price:   USD 38.73 
Total:   USD 38.73
 Info includes 4.3% sales tax/VAT to USD 37.13: USD 1.60
Delivery:   Download, License key
Platform:   Windows 7
Version:   1.0
File Size:   Full version: 146.7 MB
Download Time:   Full version
  • 56k: ~342 min.
  • DSL/Cable (1/8/16Mbit): ~21 / ~3 / ~1 min.

General requirements:   Hardware: Kinect for Windows
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WIN&I Media Viewer for Kinect for Windows tracks gestures from several users up to four meters from the screen. Take a look at pictures of your latest holidays or present videos at the office. Experience a new way to interact with your PC and control your PowerPoint Slides and PDF pages on any large format display with Kinect for Windows. Just load your images and videos and start WIN&I Media Viewer for Kinect for Windows: •Present Images, Videos, PowerPoint Slides, PDF pages •Natural user experience •Easy to control with simple hand movements •Easy to install

1 Year WIN&I E-mail Support & Maintenance
1 Year WIN&I E-mail Support & Maintenance 1 Jahr WIN&I E-mail Support & Maintenance
Unit Price:   USD 25.78 
Total:   USD 25.78
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Delivery:   License key
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