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Included in the bundle

1 x sky-HDRi-01
1 x sky-HDRi-02
1 x sky-HDRi-04
1 x sky-HDRi-06
1 x sky-HDRi-08
1 x sky-HDRi-09
1 x sky-HDRi-11
1 x sky-HDRi-13
1 x sky-HDRi-14


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High dynamic skydome panorama in *.exr and *.hdri format. Example scene in *.max file format icluded. It is better to use as a texture on global light source, example Vray Light in Dome mode (see example scene). You do not need to use additional lights (such as VraySun). This panorama was created in a special way to give a clear bright shadows with correct sharp shadows. Just apply as bitmap in VrayLight texture slot, for example. Also you can watch video tutorial about how to use our panoramas.: