Of Petals and Hope: Sonny Sunflower Triumphs Over Bullying
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Once there was a special sunflower named Sonny. Unlike other flowers, Sonny was yellow and bright, while the rest of the flowers were multicolored and beautiful. He lived with his grandmother in beautiful Sun Valley. Sonny grew up feeling different and out of place. He always questioned why his petals were different from others and why he couldn't be like everyone else. His grandmother would reassure him time and time again that he was unique and that he was created for a special purpose. Sonny was constantly teased and bullied for being different. He would come home bruised, both physically and emotionally, and was never allowed to participate in any flower games or events. One day Sonny met a flower who looked just like him. He was entranced by this new and wonderful flower named Happy. They soon become the best of friends. However, their friendship was perceived by others as being very strange and unnatural. The torment and bullying increased to the point that both would play alone. They would try to be invisible in the hopes that the bullying would go away. It only got worse....