400 Precision Songstyles for ROLAND BK-7m / BK-9 and other
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400 Precision Songstyles for the following Roland keyboards:
  • Roland BK-9
  • Roland BK-7m
  • Roland BK-5
  • Roland BK-3

You get the download-link for 400 professional Styles for your Instrument.

The Styles in these Folders include 400 Songstyles with a realistic Sound and a very precision programming. You can play much Musical Genres with these Styles, not only the Songs that the Names of the Styles are made for. Try your own Compositions with these wonderful Styles!
Most of the Styles have 2-3 Intros and Endings and all Styles have 4 Fills and 4 Main Sections.
That gives the Styles a realistic Sound.