Kid Key Logger Pro
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Kid Key Logger Pro is a powerful keylogger, specifically designed for parents to record young children activity, while they let them play on their computers. All activity is logged in comprehensive text files which can be easily viewed later by parents.

Besides monitoring children activity Kid Key Logger Pro can also be used for other legitimate uses e.g. in studies/experiments of human-computer interaction, keeping track of chat-room sessions and providing a level of security by letting the owner of a computer see if anybody is using his/her computer without his/her permission while he/she is absent.


  • Safe to run, no malware, no spyware.
  • Produced by 100dof, a trustworthy software house which has been developing software for young children and parental control for more than 7 years. Popular software by 100dof includes Kid-Key-Lock, Pro-Key-Lock, Toddler Slides, and others.
  • Uses 100% percent legitimate windows functions, thus minimizing the possibility of false antivirus alarms.
  • Ability to log key events, mouse events, a variety of windows events and take screenshots.
  • Ability to upload the generated log files on an FTP server.
  • Ability to send the generated log files via email.
  • Ability to capture key events, mouse events, windows events and screenshots.
  • Remote-control from any windows computer or android device using provided software.
  • Remote control from any operating system using simple UDP messages that can be send using a variety of 3rd party software.
  • Ability to notify via email when a user logs in or logs out.
  • Ability to install for all users (accounts) of a computer or for spesific users only.
  • Generates comprehensive log files in plain text format which can be viewed with any text editor (e.g. notepad) or read within any email program (e.g. thunderbird, outlook, eudora, etc).