RichText+DigitalChaos+DigitalizerII (Mac\Win)
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Platform:   Platform independent
Version:   1
Language:   English
Included in the bundle

1 x AlphaPlugins DigitalChaos plug-in (Mac 32/64bit Intel/PPC)
productpicture DigitalChaos - is a Photoshop plug-in what lets to generate abstract looked-randomly patterns consisted from different characters and symbols. It can be used for creation brightly and colorful background and layers in complicated compositions.
1 x AlphaPlugins RichText plug-in (Mac 32/64bit Intel/PPC)
productpicture RichText - the plug-in allows use multiline formatted text in compositions and decorate it with different textual effects. Many text parameters can be easy randomized or adjusted.
1 x AlphaPlugins Digitalizer plug-in (Mac 32/64bit Intel/PPC)
productpicture It is a true effects machine what lets you easily and quickly to create various textual and special effects.

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The bundle of three AlphaPlugins plug-ins
AlphaPlugins DigitalChaos
AlphaPlugins RichText
AlphaPlugins Digitalizer II

If you buy these three plug-ins in bundle then you can save 25 usd!
When you purchase this bundle then you will get serial numbers for these plug-ins. These serial numbers are universal for Mac and Windows versions. To download these plug-ins you candirectly from the site