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Shadow Calculator is the light version of Shadow Analyzer (see the picture) for static PV-systems without the sun-tracking options.

Shadow Calculator is an advanced parametric CAD tool for professionals in the area of Solar Energy Engineering and Architecture. Unlike most of other 3D tools, Shadow Calculator displays not only objects themselves, but also the shadows they cast.

Shadow Calculator is an ideal tool for the analysis of the shadow effects of any new projects or in the case of in-place installation of solar energy equipment. It allows to analyze shadows from external objects as well as the self-shading of static solar collector systems during a day in several seasons of the year, on any geographical latitude.

Shadow Calculator not only visualizes shadows in 3D views for the express visual evaluations of the shadowing, but also shows additional windows for the calculations of the corresponding energy losses.

For architects, Shadow Calculator is an easy method by which to evaluate the natural-light environment in an inter-building space.

The parametric CAD features of Shadow Calculator allows you to compose scenes, populate them with objects, change object dimensions, location, orientation, colors, and reflectivities. After all these transformations, you can save scenes in (.sa1) files.

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