Zorro S Annual Subscription
Unit Price:   USD 323.15 
Total:   USD 323.15
 Info plus 4.3% sales tax/VAT to USD 323.15: USD 13.90
USD 337.05
Subscription conditions:   Duration of the subscription: unlimited
Billing period: every 12 months Info
Unit price per subscription period: USD 258.52
Delivery:   Download
Version:   1
File Size:   Full version: 13.3 KB
Download Time:   Full version
  • 56k: <1 min.
  • DSL/Cable (1/8/16Mbit): <1 / <1 / <1 min.

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Zorro is a research and development platform for automated trading strategies. It supports the lite-C language for strategies and offers signal processing and machine learning functions for autonomously generating trade algorithms. Zorro supports advanced test methods such as Walk Forward Analysis and Portfolio Testing.

The Zorro S subscription includes a license for unrestricted trading with Zorro. It also unlocks the sponsor features in all Zorro versions, such as no account limits, multiple instances, tick-based backtesting, executable systems, more broker plugins, and all Z strategies.