CarteBlanche Ukraine NT
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Version:   2016.06
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CarteBlanche Ukraine NT Map

CarteBlanche Ukraine NT Map is intended for use with Garmin® and Garmin®-based navigation devices (such as some Kenwood, BMW, Honda, MINI etc. devices).

  • Automatic route calculation with regard to Traffic regulations
  • Turn-by-turn navigation: voice* and visual guidance for every manoeuvre along the route
  • Total length of road network: 477 000 km, including a large number of unpaved roads
  • Detailed coverage: 942 settlements (53.7% of the Ukrainian population), including:
    • all regional centres
    • all cities with more than 40 000 inhabitants
  • Almost all of the detailed coverage (46.9% of population) includes address search
  • Building footprints with house numbers: 43.7% of population
  • Detailed coverage of all settlements in 11 districts of Kyiv Region: Bilotserkivs'kyi, Borodians'kyi, Boryspil's'kyi, Brovars'kyi, Kaharlyts'kyi, Kyievo-Sviatoshyns'kyi, Makarivs'kyi, Obukhivs'kyi, Pereiaslav-Khmel'nyts’kyi, Vasyl'kivs'kyi and Vyshhorods'kyi
  • Intrablock driveways in many cities, uniquely accurate in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovs'k, Donets'k and Zaporizhzhia
  • Basic coverage of road network (without street naming and address search): most settlements with more than 5 000 inhabitants
  • A large number of grade-separated intersections
  • POIs: about 82 760, a lot of them contain contact information
  • Railways, forests, parks, rivers, streams, channels, lakes and seas
  • Languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English
  • Free map updates are released up to 4 times a year!

Purchasing one copy of the map allows to use it with one navigation device for an unlimited period of time.

* depending on the device model with which the map is used