Car page banner ad 120 X 60 Pixelsx5 pages
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Total:   USD 76.02
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USD 76.02
Version:   Banner Ad 120x60 5 pages
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All ads must be purchased on-line. At present it is £ 49.95 + VAT per Ad, per 5 pages. You are allowed a Banner 120 X 60 pixels with a hyperlink to your website for 1 full year. Each Ad order is placed separately, so if you want your ad to appear on more than 5 pages you will need to make more than one purchase, as each ad run will get a unique order number. Example: You want your ad on 10 pages. You will need to place 2 orders. We are happy to create a basic banner free to get you started and you can then change your banner max 3 more times.