!Janusware Insider
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Sistema operativo:   Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows Server 2003, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP x32, Windows Vista x32
Versione:   3.02
Lingua:   Inglese
Dimensione:   Versione completa: 4.5 MB
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Everybody has a right to privacy. Your confidential information can be saved as a file (photo, document, program, music or video file etc.). You do not want anyone to know your secret and anyone to suspect you have a secret.

This program allows the user to conceal details (of their private life or business) from unauthorized viewers.

Insider creates compressed archives and works with these files while the archives themselves are not evident on a user's computer. They are strongly encrypted and hidden inside other files (containers or carrier). The containers are image files which are still viewable in spite of their hidden contents.

Insider has two modes of operation:

  • open to all users (a WinZip-like tool to make working with compressed archives);
  • hidden, accessible only to those who know the shortcut key.

The above mentioned features are very important psychologically. When the secrets, their traces or special tools are absent, the computer's owner is above of suspicion. As a result nobody will try to reveal their secrets.

Being inside of this program the user (knowing the valid password) may work with the hidden and encrypted file as simply as with a .zip file.

If the file had been deleted by this program they cannot be restored. Any special software or hardware is powerless to restore them.

This program may be used for information exchange via Internet. Hidden archives may be sent via e-mail or published on web sites e.g. free family pictures sites.

Also you may send the photos (with hidden files) via mobile devices. The files-carrier may be kept within mobile phones or digital cameras where they will look like usual photos.